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  Torkild Thanem is a Professor at Stockholm Business School. Torkild has been Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, the University of Oregon and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. His research is in organization theory and critical management studies, but he also draws on ideas from social theory and philosophy. Torkild is particularly interested in how embodiment, identity, space and power are expressed in and around organizations. He is Associate Editor of Gender, Work & Organization, he serves on the editorial board of the British Journal of Management, and he has guest edited a special issue of Tamara on Deleuze & Organization Theory. He is currently guest editing a special issue on 'Diversity, difference and inclusion in monstrous organizations' for the journal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


Torkild teaches management, organization and change as well as qualitative research methods. He currently teaches the two graduate courses Researching Management & Organization, and Power, Change & Resistance in Organizations. He regularly supervises master's dissertations and doctoral theses in these areas.

Research Interest
Torkild is currently continuing his research on workplace health promotion - how it is managed and implemented, how employees experience and deal with it, and how it may affect employee embodiment, identity and culture. Torkild's previous research in this area has been funded by the Swedish Research Council (2007-2011). With funding by the Swedish Research Council (2002-2006) Torkild has also investigated power, resistance and decision-making in urban planning.

Selected Publications
Torkild's research has been published in journals such as Organization Studies and Organization.

Thanem, T. (2012). All talk and no movement? Homeless coping and resistance to urban planning. Organization 19(4): 441-460.

Thanem, T. 2011. The Monstrous Organization. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Linstead, S. & Thanem, T. 2007. Multiplicity, virtuality and organization: The contribution of Gilles Deleuze. Organization Studies 28(10): 1483-1501.

Thanem, T. 2006. Living on the edge: Towards a monstrous organization theory. Organization 13(2): 163-93.

Cummings, S. & Thanem, T. 2002. The ghost in the organism. Organization Studies 23(5): 817-39.

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Identity Politics
Semester: Autumn term 2014
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Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
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Helena Flinck
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