Power and Resistance in Organizations (PCR)


Name:Anselm Schneider
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Assistant Professor

Phone:+46 8 162987
E-mail: anselm.schneider@sbs.su.se

  Anselm holds a Master’s degree in economics (Freie Universität Berlin, 2006) and a PhD in business administration (University of Zurich, 2014). Before joining Stockholm Business School, Anselm was a researcher in the area of corporate sustainability at the University of Zurich and a doctoral fellow at the Swiss National Centre of Excellence in Research (trade regulation).
Anselm’s research interests lie in the interface of organization theory, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and global governance. In today’s globalized economy, business firms are confronted with a variety of novel challenges. These comprise human rights violations in global supply chains, environmental problems caused by business activities, the provision of public goods by business, and the involvement of business in processes of rule making that leads to an increasingly political role of business firms. Central to Anselm’s research are the implications of these developments for organizational structures and processes.

His work appeared in journals such as Business and Society, Journal of Business Ethics, and Business Strategy and the Environment, as well as in several edited volumes.

Selected publications
Schneider, A., Wickert, C., & Marti, E. Reducing complexity by creating complexity: A systems theory perspective on how organizations respond to their environments. Journal of Management Studies, forthcoming.

Schneider, A. 2015. Reflexivity in sustainability accounting and management Transcending the economic focus of corporate sustainability. Journal of Business Ethics, 127: 525-536.

Schneider, A., & Scherer, A. G. 2015. Corporate governance in a risk society. Journal of Business Ethics, 126: 309-323.

Peels, R., & Schneider, A. 2014. The potential role of the ILO to enhance institutional coherence on CSR in international trade and investment agreements. Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, 89: 139-257.

Schneider, A. 2014. Embracing ambiguity – Lessons from the study of corporate social responsibility throughout the rise and decline of the modern welfare-state. Business Ethics: A European Review, 23: 293-308.

Scherer, A.G., Baumann-Pauly, D. & Schneider, A. 2013. Democratizing corporate governance: Compensating for the democratic deficit of corporate political activity
and corporate citizenship. Business and Society, 52: 473-514.

Schneider, A., & Meins, E. 2012. Two dimensions of corporate sustainability assessment: Towards a comprehensive framework. Business Strategy and the Environment, 21: 211-222.

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Power and Resistance in Organizations
Semester: Spring term 2020
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Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
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Anselm Schneider
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