Kommunikation: strategiska och kulturella perspektiv (COMSTRA)


Name:Andrea Lucarelli
Title :
Assistant Professor

E-mail: andrea.lucarelli@sbs.su.se

  Andrea 's main research interest is connected to place and city branding and more specifically his research focuses on the spatial and political dimension of place brands as well as on the different actors and elements acting across the city space. Additionally, Andrea´s secondary research interest is connected to the branding and consumption of public and political entities, such as political parties and public sector organizations.

Since January 2010 Andrea is member of the Stockholm Program of Place Branding (STOPP)

Andrea has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Bologna University along with a Master Degree in International and European Relations from Linköping University and a Master Degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm Business School. He has also spent exchange periods in Norway (Bergen University) and Thailand (Chulalongkorn University). His academic interest in city and place branding is a result of his personal interest in travelling, languages and inter-cultural encounters. Andrea’s mother tongue is Italian; he is fluent in English, Swedish and he has some knowledge of French and Norwegian.

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Course title:
Kommunikation: strategiska och kulturella perspektiv
Semester: Autumn term 2019
Study period: 3 4
Rate of studies: 50%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English


Course coordinator:
Gustav Innala
Head of course:
Natalia Tolstikova