Examensarbete i management för masterexamen (EXMAN)


Name:Tony Fang
Title :

Phone:+46 8 163063
Fax:+46 8 674 7440
E-mail: tf@sbs.su.se
Room:15:404 a
Homepage: http://www.tonyfang.com

  Tony Fang (PhD 1999, Industrial Marketing, Linköping University) is Professor of Business Administration at Stockholm Business School. He earlier worked as Assistant Professor and Director of International Graduate Program (IGP) in the Institute of International Business (IIB), Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Tony Fang has also been Visiting Scholar in the Political Science Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, host professor Lucian W. Pye).

Tony Fang conducts research in cross-cultural management and Chinese business studies. One current project is called “Yin Yang: A New Perspective on Culture” (http://fek.su.se/yinyang).

Tony Fang is Co-Editor of the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (IJCCM); Book Review Editor of the International Business Review (IBR); Editorial Board Member of Sage Open (SO); Art Coordinator of the Management and Organization Review (MOR); Representative-at-Large, Europe, International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR); and Member of the Stockholms Rotaryklubb.

Tony Fang is the author of the books Chinese Business Negotiating Style (Thousand Oaks: Sage, 1999) and Att göra affärer i dagens Kina (Stockholm: SNS, 2005; editor).

Tony Fang's academic writings have also appeared in the form of book chapters, book reviews, conference papers, and peer-reviewed articles published by, for example, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review, International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, International Studies of Management & Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of World Business, Management and Organization Review, Organizational Dynamics, Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Tony Fang has served as a reviewer for:
1. Academy of Management Executive
2. Academy of Management Journal
3. Applied Psychology: An International Review
4. Asia Pacific Journal of Management
5. Edward Elgar
6. Cambridge University Press
7. Columbia University Press
8. Copenhagen Business School Press
9. Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies
10. Cross Cultural Management
11. Current Anthropology
12. Leadership (SAGE)
13. European Journal of Information Systems
14. European Journal of International Management
15. Group Decision and Negotiation
16. Human Relations
17. Indigenous Psychology
18. Industrial Marketing Management
19. International Business Review
20. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
21. International Journal of Human Resource Management
22. International Journal of Intercultural Relations
23. International Review of Administrative Sciences
24. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
25. Journal of Asia Business Studies
26. Journal of Business Research
27. Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies
28. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis
29. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
30. Journal of Intercultural Communication
31. Journal of International Business Studies
32. Journal of International Entrepreneurship
33. Journal of International Marketing
34. Journal of Trust Research
35. Journal of World Business
36. Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science
37. Leadership (SAGE)
38. Management International Review
39. Management and Organization Review
40. Organization Studies
41. Oxford University Press
42. McGraw-Hill Education
43. Multinational Business Review
44. Organization Studies
45. Pearson Education
46. Research Grants Council, Hong Kong
47. Sage Open
48. Scandinavian Journal of Management
49. Thunderbird International Business Review

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Course title:
Examensarbete i management för masterexamen
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 1 2 3 4
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 30.0
Language of instruction: English


Course coordinator:
Ezra Alexander
Head of course:
Torkild Thanem