Operations Strategy (OPSTRA)

Course description

This course takes a strategic perspective on the management of manufacturing and service operations. Managing operations is a central task in future careers of business students in public and private sectors, in services and manufacturing, in Sweden and around the world. It is especially central in organisations where operations is seen as a core value creating function or source of competitive advantage. The course focuses on both content and process of formulating operations strategies. Content refers to issues such as capacity, supply network, process technology and development and organisation. Process refers to how a strategy is implemented, for example by linking market requirements to operating capabilities. Other topics that are touched upon include lean, outsourcing, quality management and continuous improvement.

Intended Learning Outcomes
The course gives the students comprehensive understanding and knowledge on the strategic management of operations in different types of sectors such as health care, government authorities, retailing, banking and manufacturing. Student will be able to analyse operations systems as well as participate in, improve and lead change efforts.
Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:
Knowledge and understanding
1. Describe why and how operations can be used to enhance the competitiveness or value offer in organisations.
2. Explain and problematize basic and advanced concepts in the field of operations strategy.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of some of the subject area’s scientific basis and research methodology
Skills and abilities
4. Personally use methods, models and theoretical perspectives in real life situations to analyse and improve operational performance.
5. Orally and in writing, present and discuss course content.
Judgement and approach
6. Evaluate organisational situations in relation to the external environment and make appropriate operational decisions

Please Note !

There will be no new admissions to this course.

Course title:
Operations Strategy
Semester: Autumn term 2019
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English


Course coordinator:
Toivo Lepp
Head of course:
Mandar Dabhilkar