Forskningsmetoder i företagsekonomi och organisation (REMEMAN)


The course focuses business studies approaches and methods, literature studies, applications of theories and concepts and the reviewing of business research. Learning activities consist of lectures, seminars, group projects, academic writing and individual readings. The lectures address issues related to the topics problematization, literature review, methodology and method, case study research, discourse analysis and academic writing. The seminars are devoted to writing, discussing and applying these themes.

Lectures are given in English. Seminars are given in English or Swedish – students choose when selecting a seminar group in Fastreg.

Kursens lärandemål

Intended Learning Outcomes The overarching aim of the course is to provide basic insights into business studies, its methodologies and methods, and in the use of its theories and concepts; creating thereby a scientific basis for writing a bachelor's thesis. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: Knowledge and understanding

1. Demonstrate insights into business studies: problematization, theoretical studies and its application, different scientific approaches and methods.

Skills and abilities

2. Problematize theories in business studies and/or business practice.

3. Identify, discuss and justify various ways of using theories and concepts within business studies.

4. Identify, discuss and justify various ways of using research approaches and methods within business studies.

5. Demonstrate accuracy and rigor in terms of language use, academic formalities and specified time frames; Judgement and approach.

6. Evaluate business research considering societal aspects.

Byt termin

Forskningsmetoder i företagsekonomi och organisation
Termin: V20
Period: 2
Studietakt: 100%
Nivå: Grund
Poäng: 7,5
Språk: Svenska

Kurskod: fe3828



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Thomas Bay
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