Managing Human Resources (MHR)

Course description

In this course students will work with the topic of HRM (Human Resources Management).

At the start students will be familiarized with the subject, not as a simple toolbox, but as contemporary phenomena that has widespread influence both within and outside workplaces. These ideas will be unpacked in greater detail in relation to a closer analysis of current capitalism and the way in which HRM is implicated in that political movement.

To develop and stimulate their ability to discuss and argue, students will work closely in groups to produce an academically informed but journalistically accessible production, a short opinion essay (1200-1500 words). This task forces students to think about writing in a different format: where words are used economically to inform and persuade a more general audience.

Finally, the students will write an independent essay in which they develop their ability to critically evaluate and reflect upon the main themes of the course. This will take the form of a home exam (2000-2300 words).

Intended Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of the course is to critically discuss and creatively illustrate the role of HRM in today’s society. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: Knowledge and understanding.

1. Describe the emergence of HRM and how it has become integrated in today’s society.

2. Identify the main contestations involved in HRM Skills and abilities.

3. Carry out creative presentations in which the use of HRM is problematized.

4. Investigate into contemporary examples involving HRM Judgement and approach.

5. Examine the ethical and political context of HRM.

6. Critically evaluate positive alternatives to HRM.

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Course title:
Managing Human Resources
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English

Course code: fe5236



Course coordinator:
Toivo Lepp
Head of course:
Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
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