Marknadsföring på internet (MAINT)

Course description

The overall aim of the course is to provide knowledge about the marketing of goods and services on Digital media and sustainability challenges that follows from this marketing.

The course comprises three main blocks that are integrated into a pedagogical whole:
1. Marketing communication via digital media
2. Electronic commerce (e-commerce)
3. Seminar work that deals with various themes on Digital marketing

The lecturers come from SU (SBS) and from the business community. The lectures are partly linked to the literature and partly more independent and thus complement the more theoretical lectures with practical and applied aspects.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student should be able to:
Knowledge and understanding
1. Understand the marketing principles for goods and services via digital media.
2. Understand the use of social media in a marketing communication context.
3. Understand the basic characteristics of e-commerce in comparison with traditional commerce.
4. Understand sustainability consequences linked to marketing by digital media technology.
5. Explain different methods for advertising and PR on the Internet, and different methods to measure its effects.
Skills and Abilities
6. Ability to discuss about ethics and privacy issues in connection with marketing communication on the Internet.
Evaluation ability and approach
7. Reflect on how marketing is affected by digitization of information.

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Course title:
Marknadsföring på internet
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 3
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Undergraduate level (first cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English

Course code: PRMFI1



Course coordinator:
Oskar Sjölander
Head of course:
Christian Persson
Christian Persson
Student services:
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