Mode och materialitet (FAMA)

Course description

Intended Learning Outcomes
The overall aim of the course is to give students the methodological know-how needed to perform object based studies as well as the theoretical tools necessary to engage in the analysis of objects.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
1. Explore the different methods used in object-based studies.
2. Account for the theoretical perspectives used in object-based studies.

Skills and abilities
3. Analyze fashion objects in their socio-cultural context.

Judgement and approach
4. Critically reflect on the meaning of materiality

Please Note !

There will be no new admissions to this course.

Course title:
Mode och materialitet
Semester: Spring term 2018
Study period: 3 4
Rate of studies: 50%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English


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Head of course: