Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Self (EES)

Course description

Contemporary society has been imbued by the ‘entrepreneurial logic’, permeating each and every corner of organizational life in contemporary society. This view invites us to reconsider how we are enrolled in discourse of entrepreneurship. Thus, the notion of the entrepreneurial Self moves beyond the idea of entrepreneurship as an important route for bringing about new companies to the market place, since it calls for each and everyone to become an enterprising self; regardless of organizational context.

This course addresses how we become indented in the idea of becoming enterprising and how the entrepreneur is "created" in different organizational contexts". From discussing entrepreneurship in terms of the enterprising self, this course aims to set the ground for an understanding of that entrepreneurship can be constructed differently, but also to see how the entrepreneurial self is part of these constructions of entrepreneurship.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is for students’ to develop an understanding and knowledge about different forms of entrepreneurship and of the enterprising self. Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to: Knowledge and understanding.

1. Analyse and discuss entrepreneurship from the notion of discourse and the enterprising self. 

2. Apply theories and concepts on the different forms of entrepreneurship and analyse how entrepreneurial identities are constituted.

Skills and abilities

3. To be able to creatively develop an entrepreneurial idea and to plan and present and perform an imaginary case and/or role-play of that idea. Judgement and approach.

4. Evaluate the production of different forms of entrepreneurship.

5. Reflect upon one´s Self as enterprising from applied theories and from the different forms of entrepreneurship encountered in the course.

Please Note !

There will be no new admissions to this course.

Course title:
Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Self
Semester: Autumn term 2019
Study period: 2
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English


Course coordinator:
Lotta Sondell
Head of course:
Anna Wettermark