Kommunikation: strategiska och kulturella perspektiv (COMSTRA)

Course description

Marketing communication is an interaction between various audiences and organizations with the business purpose. However, marketing communication also occurs in a society and it is rooted in values, culture and social categories. Marketing/Strategic communication both influence but are also influenced by cultural forces as well as by foundations of communication science. The communication course introduces a student to the foundational theoretical concepts in communication and the application of these principals to effective marketing communication. The conceptual backgrounds introduced during the course will be used to problematize and critically analyze different phenomena, tendencies and changes in modern society, culture and business.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is on the one hand, to advance your knowledge of fundamental models and theories of communication as the means and resources in contemporary culture and business, and the other, to introduce and critically reflect on typical and central empirical manifestations of communication instances as expressions of culture in society at large.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
1. describing and comparing theories and central concepts about communication in general and marketing communication in particular;

2. account for how communication theories can be used as cultural resources for strategic communication between services, organizations and consumers;

Skills and abilities

3. applying different theoretical approaches to communication as to understand its meanings and approaches through different lenses;

4. conceptualising, arguing for and persuading an audience about your choices of theoretical approaches to communication.

Judgement and approach

5. analysing communication as an ideological framework for understanding how companies, consumers and other stakeholders use it to create meaning in markets;
6. critically reflecting upon and evaluating the significance of communication to individual and group interaction and its influences on society at large.

Please Note !

There will be no new admissions to this course.

Course title:
Kommunikation: strategiska och kulturella perspektiv
Semester: Autumn term 2019
Study period: 3 4
Rate of studies: 50%
Level: Graduate level (second cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English


Course coordinator:
Gustav Innala
Head of course:
Natalia Tolstikova