Corporate Finance (COF)

Course description

The course focuses on exploring the relevance of the objectives of Corporate Finance in
the context of practical corporate decisions that managers of finance are faced with.
Moreover, students will carry out an applied company analysis for the purpose of
corporate valuation by linking issues of corporate finance to various aspects of the
financial markets.This course focuses on concepts and theories of corporate finance and the analytical techniques used to value projects and assets. The topics covered in corporate finance are capital budgeting and investment decisions, Analysis of questions such as where and how to raise the funds for corporate investments (the financing decisions) and how much of the firm’s profit should return to the owners (the dividend decision). The final part covers models for company valuation with emphasis on discounted cash flow models thereby determining relevant cash flow and adequate cost of capital.

Intended Learning Outcomes
The overall aim of the course is to link issues of corporate finance to the firms’ decisions and actions from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
1. Describe concepts, models, theories, and research methods in corporate finance.
2. Understand the principles and purpose of corporate finance and its importance for decision-making.

Skills and abilities
3. Perform and interpret a company analysis by linking issues of corporate finance to various aspects of the financial markets.

Judgement and approach
4. Critically reflect on how procedures, concepts, models, and theories in corporate finance influence the decisions of management.
5. Evaluate different forms of company valuation, corporate financing, and capital budgeting from a theoretical and practical perspective.

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Course title:
Corporate Finance
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 2
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Undergraduate level (first cycle)
Credits: 7.5
Language of instruction: English

Course code: fe3129



Course coordinator:
Gustav Innala
Head of course:
Tor Brunzell
Tor Brunzell
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