2021Eriksson Kim
Att anordna styrning.tillblivelse av en mångfald av styrteknologier. Assembling control.The emergence of a multiplicity of management controls.
2021Malmström Elina
An audit is an audit.
2021Çakanlar Aylin
Essays on Consumers’ Socially Responsible Decision Making.
2021Borell Anton
In Between Competing Ideals.On the Relationships among Accounting, NPM, and Welfare.
2020Kheirollah Amir
The Art of Discretion.Essays on Earnings Management, Governance, and Capital Structure.
2020Adamsson Emelie
The Construction of Corporate Irresponsibility.A constitutive perspective on communication in media narratives.
2020Mahmud Yashar
2020Khrashchevskyi Ian
Essays on Risks in Investment Strategies.
2020De Lima Wenderson
Modern Missionaries.An Ethnography of Social Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Legitimation in the Humanitarian Field.
2019Félez Viñas Ester
Changing the Rules of the Game.A Market Microstructure Perspective on the Effects of Regulating Financial Markets.
2019Hasselgren Anton
Essays on Investor Behavior and Trading Strategies in International Financial Markets.
2019Dahlström Petter
New Insights on Computerized Trading.Implications of Frequently Revised Trading Decisions.
2018Stendahl Emma
Headquarters' Involvement in Managing Subsidiaries.
2018Servadio Luigi
Customer Rituals.Ethnographic explorations of wine rituals with families and friends.
2018Öhlin Sara
An improvisational, practice-oriented approach to innovation.Examples from the fashion industry.
2018Markowski Peter
Collaboration Routines.A Study of Interdisciplinary Healthcare.
2018Magalhães Lopes Maíra
The Making of Us.How affects shape collective bodies resisting gentrification.
2018Chowdhury Abu
Essays on Insider Trading and Initial Public Offerings.
2018Klemcke Liesel
The Quirky Character Camouflaged in the Conceptual Framework.A study of the financial statement user.
2018Lokatt Cristoffer
Auditors’ Constitution of Performance.a study on the duality of performance in the auditing profession.
2017Vähämäki Janet
Matrixing Aid.The Rise and Fall of 'Results Initiatives' in Swedish Development Aid.
2017Thomson Kerstin
Styrning och samhällsvärde.en studie med exempel från museivärlden. Management Control and Public Value.A study with examples from the museum world.
2017von Schantz Hanna
Well, that makes sense!.Investigating opportunity development in a technology start-up.
2017Minina Alisa
Consumption of financial services in global mobility.A Cephalopodic consumption mode?.
2017Johansson Janet
“Sweat is weakness leaving the body”.A study on the self-presentational practices of sporty top managers in Sweden.
2017Björner Emma
Imagineering Place.The Branding of Five Chinese Mega-Cities.
2017Giovacchini Elia
Weaving the symbiotic relationship.A longitudinal study of the maintenance of a firm-sponsored open source community.
2016Irani Mohammad
Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions and Event Studies.
2016Pashkevich Natallia
Information Worker Productivity Enabled by IT System Usage.A Complementary-Based Approach.
2016Graaf Johan
The Pursuit of Relevance.Studies on the Relationships between Accounting and Users.
2015Sundström Andreas
Representing Performance | Performing Representation.Ontology in accounting practice.
2015Lucarelli Andrea
The Political Dimension of Place Branding.
2015Wällstedt Niklas
Managing Multiplicity.On Control, Care and the Individual.
2015Zhang Dong
Essays on Market Design and Market Quality.
2015Siegert Steffi
Enacting Boundaries through Social Technologies.The Dance between Work and Private Life.
2015Brozovic Danilo
Service Provider Flexibility.A Strategic Perspective.
2014Zafirov Goran
Essays on Balkan frontier stock markets.
2014Shoai Randy Ziya
Multinational Enterprises, Sociopolitical Constraints and Intermediaries.A Sociopolitically Informed Network Approach.
2014Laurell Christofer
Commercialising social media.a study of fashion (blogo)spheres.
2014Wettermark Anna
Tales of transformation: Expatriate encounters with local contexts.A postcolonial reading.
2014Westermark Christer
Implementering av redovisning som styrmetod.Om hållbarhetsredovisningens effekter i statligt ägda företag. To implement accounting as a method of control.About the effects of sustainability reports in stately owned enterprises.
2013Andéhn Mikael
Place-of-Origin Effects on Brand Equity.Explicating the evaluative pertinence of product categories and association strength.
2013Du Rietz Sabina
Accounting in the field of governance.
2013Xu Caihong
Essays on Derivatives and Liquidity.
2013Fernholm Johanna
Uppförandekoder som etisk varumärkning?Ansvar i företag med globala värdekedjor. Codes of Conduct as Ethical Branding?Responsibility in Companies with Global Value Chains.
2013Jörgensen Fredrik
The Law Businessman<sup>TM</sup>.Five Essays on Legal Self-efficacy and Business Risk.
2012Svärdsten Nymans Fredrik
Constituting performance.Case studies of performance auditing and performance reporting.
2012Kumar Nishant
Globalisation and Competitive Sustenance of Born Global.Evidence from Indian knowledge-intensive service industry.
2012Yngfalk Carl
The Constitution of Consumption.Food Labeling and the Politics of Consumerism.
2011Kylsberg Gösta
Kunglig kommunikation - körkonst och tradition.En autoetnografi om autenticitet i ett kungligt konstföretag. Royal Communication – The Art of Driving and Tradition.An autoethnography on authenticity in a royal art company.
2011Lund Ragnar
Leveraging cooperative strategy - cases of sports and arts sponsorship.
2011Lindh Kristina
Reciprocal Engagement.A grounded theory of an interactive process of actions to establish, maintain, and develop an enterprise.
2011Schultz Nybacka Pamela
Bookonomy.The Consumption Practice and Value of Book Reading.
2011Molander Susanna
Mat, kärlek och metapraktik.En studie i vardagsmiddagskonsumtion bland ensamstående mödrar. Food, love and meta-practices.A study of everyday dinner consumption among single mothers.
2011Fyrberg Yngfalk Anna
Co-Creating Value.Reframing Interactions in Service Consumption.